Sunday, June 25, 2006

2 days away from Superman Returns

We are down to only 2 days before the blockbuster movie Superman Returns comes out in theaters! Go check out trailer 1 and trailer 2 for the movie. I am willing to bet that it will make over $100 million from Wednesday to Sunday.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Return of Futurama

The show "Futurama" is going to be brought back to life thanks to Comedy Central! This is great news in my view. The show is almost as funny as "Family Guy", but in a different way. The bad news. The new slot of 13 episodes (minimum) won't air until 2008. Read the whole story here Futurama pulls a Family Guy.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Making Extra Income Online

These sites have paid me in the past and will pay me again in the future. They are not scams, and you will get paid for completing surveys, reading emails, signing up for offers, etc. You just have to know what sites really do pay. Take my advice and join a lot of survey sites. If you join 10 and average a couple surveys per month for about $10, that's $100 per month for doing just surveys. Pays the cell phone bill, doesn't it. I know you want to check your email and see one stating that you can complete a survey about cell phones and get $5. These sites are all legit.



This site is new and is an easy way to get $50. Join and get an easy $50.


This site is really good and is 100% legit. Sign up free and check out the forum thread where people post screenshots when they get paid.


The site InboxDollars is a top notch site. My last check from them was over $45. You can play games, fill out offers, complete surveys and read paid emails to make money.

Edits will be made to this list as I update it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Starting My First Ecommerce Website

I am currently doing research about staring my own ecommerce website. I haven't decided on what type of products I will sell or a store name. I don't want to rush into it too fast, so I am taking notes and reading any good information on the net that I can find about this process. I need to take the following steps:

1. Find and buy a domain name.
2. Select a host for the domain name.
3. Create the entire website.
4. Create the shopping cart system (with coupon options, etc).
5. Opening a merchant account (process credit cards, etc).
6. Setting up SSL security or equivalent option.
7. Marketing (advertising) the website to attract potential customers.

Now, these first 7 steps may make the whole process of starting a site seem hard and not worth it. It does not have to be. I am weighing the option of using a Yahoo Small Business solution for all of these steps.

8. Getting the site indexed by the main search engines.
9. Converting potential customers into sales (this is a must if I must say).
10. Making a profit with the ecommerce site.

I'm not going to say anything (yet) about buying products for the site and creating images and/or descriptions for them. I am also looking for a great site that will drop-ship orders for me so that I don't have to keep inventory or do all the packing and shipping to customers.

Who knows? Maybe I will end up with a great site that makes a decent profit each month. I just want to try this out while I have the time and patience required for it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Madden NFL 07

The 2007 edition of EA's Madden NFL is right around the corner. Most regular players probably don't even play the 2006 game anymore. We are going to be able to take control of the lead blocker on running plays this year. This is the new edition gimmick that EA develops and then advertises to the masses. I honestly never even tried out the Superstar mode on Madden NFL 06. I buy the game for the online play and for the times when I team up with a friend to play some 2 vs 2 games with some of my best friends. Check out a preview of Madden NFL 07.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Job Search & Money Issues

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to....find a new job! I feel like I am the T.P. and I need to find a job where I more closely resemble the tooth brush. I need to do this because working 20-25 hrs a week is just not going to cut it for July and August. My last paycheck (paid every 2 weeks) was barely over $300. I need more money for my fall semester tuition! (went up 6%, again)

If anyone comes across my blog and has been in a similar situation or you just feel sorry for me, you can donate a couple bucks to me through Paypal. I don't know how to make a donate button on my blog yet, but my Paypal email adress is Email me if you want to get a reply to make sure it really is me. I will edit this post with a new picture once I figure out how to snap a picture of my monitor screen when I am logged into my college network to show my tuition bill. I currently attend the Tuscarawas Campus of Kent State University Tuscarawas Campus.

Any and all help would be STRONGLY APPRECIATED!. My AIM name is in my profile also.

EDIT: I created the Paypal Donate button-link!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Episode 1: Attack of the Trojan

So this all started yesterday night around 11. My dad calls me over and asks me what the heck is going on with his computer. I look and see that his McAfee is popping up a notice stating that a trojan has been identified. The name is Downloader-AWX and the location was C:/Windows/system32 and the trojan file was named empres.dll. It has the options of cleaning, quarantining, or deleting the file.
My dad tells me that he has tried all 3 options and that it keeps responding that the file is write-protected and can't be deleted or quarantined. If he clicked "continue what I was doing" to leave the issue unresolved, the notice would pop back up after 5 seconds. He asks me to help get rid of it since he is a newbie to the whole computer interent scene.

I did some searching on Yahoo! and Google to find out about the trojan and a possible solution. I came up with 3 ways to defeat this trojan (below). I found a fellow blogger who had this trojan show up last night as well Weeklyscheiss.

The symptoms my dad's computer was experiencing due to the trojan were: slow speeds when trying to do anything, not being able to access email, etc.

1. I installed spybot search and destroy from cnet downloads and a scan revealed only 11 tracking cookies and no trojans at all. Result = Failure

2. I then tried to go into the system32 folder and move the file and then delete it from there. Result = Failure

3. I decided to restart the computer and then start it up in Safe Mode. I then went to run, search, and typed C:/Windows/system32 and then scrolled until I found the trojan file. I still couldn't do anyting to the file (delete, move, alter). In my last gasp at defeating the trojan I ran McAfee and it found the file, but It couldn't clean it or delete/quarantine it. I did see that it said that "cleaning will be finished with a restart", so I restarted the computer. I went to look for the empres.dll file and it was GONE!
Result = Success

I hate the crap we end up getting on our computers even more now! I can only hope that episode 2 will not become a reality, because we all know that sequels SUCK.